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About the website is a loan matching service for credit borrowers in Canada and WE ARE NOT A DIRECT CREDIT LENDER OR WE DON’T PERFORM THE LENDING DECISIONS. We just help our registered user to get the applicable lending service from reliable lender available in our panel and when you share your details with us, we had it out to our panel of credit lenders to get the suitable option. Always keep in mind that the lending process of every lender is different and is out of our control. They might perform credit verification before taking their decision, so make your choice carefully at your own risk. Our service is free of cost for the loan seekers and we simply get the referral free from lender for our loan matching services.


You can simply file a complaint with us if you have a problem or quarry regarding our cash services and we will try our level best to get back to you with relevant response ASAP.

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The cost of borrowing different loan packages depends upon a number of factors such as the loan amount, your income, repayment potential and the lender you are dealing with. On an average, if you borrow CA$100, you will have to pay back CA$123 on your upcoming repayment date. It means you will have to pay off CA$23 for per CA$100 you borrow.

Non- repayment of the loaned money:

When the loan amount is not paid off at the fixed time, a fee of CA$37.50 will be charged on the customer. It is also possible that your bank may charge an NSF fee of CA$42.50 per returned item. The lender may make several attempts to collect the loan amount in full. For this, the lender sends out letters and makes phone calls to the borrower to encourage timely loan repayment. We advise all our clients to communicate with our credit lenders so that they may get assured about the loan repayment. The credit lender may give the debt to a third party collection agency to collect on our behalf, but this may harm credit scores badly.

Our Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for loans -596%. Apply APR @596% on every amount that you get from our credit lenders.